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Middle school

Kelvin Grove State College Middle School opened in 2002. Our mission is that: The Middle Years of Schooling should provide opportunities for all young adolescents to grow in ways that acknowledge and respect this special phase in their development.
Kelvin Grove State College Middle School has been developed in response to the specific needs of young adolescents. Early adolescence is a distinct period in a child’s life often characterised by rapid physical growth, exposure to a range of social pressures and changes in intellectual, emotional and moral development.
Our Middle School is committed to implementing programs, policies and practices to foster adolescents’ development and learning in a supportive and positive manner.
We believe that the key to a successful middle schooling experience lies in the strength of the partnership between the teacher, the student and home. We encourage all parents and carers to actively participate and be involved in their child’s education through the middle school years.

Our Philosophy

Middle Schooling is aimed at addressing the specific needs of adolescents to make their schooling less alienating. It is based on the shared belief that young adolescents need an education where they can explore themselves and the world in which they live. The Middle School aims to advance the learning of all students, achieve meaningful outcomes and encourage active citizenship.
Kelvin Grove State College Middle School is based on the following principles:
  • Learner-centred: A coherent curriculum that is focused on the identified needs, interests and concerns of students, and with an emphasis on self-directed and co-constructed learning.
  • Collaboratively organised: Teams of teachers who know and understand their students very well employ powerful teaching and learning strategies to challenge and extend students within a supportive school environment.
  • Outcomes-based: Progress and achievement are recorded continuously in relation to explicit statements of what each student is expected to know and be able to do.
  • Flexibly constructed: Arrangements are responsive to local needs and circumstances, and reflect creative uses of time, space and other resources.
  • Ethically aware: Justice, care, respect and a concern for the needs of others are reflected in the everyday practice of students, teachers and administrators.
  • Community-orientated: Parents and representatives from other community institutions and organisations beyond the school are involved in productive partnerships.
  • Adequately resourced: Experienced teachers and support staff are supported by facilities, technology, equipment and materials.

Catering for all Learners

Kelvin Grove State College is characterised by our diversity. We cater for a wide range of students from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Our Inclusive Support Team supports students within our International Student Program as well as our English as a Second Language students.
  • The middle school allocates significant resources for literacy and numeracy intervention as well as providing for our Gifted and Talented Students.
  • The College also provides many programs of excellence to cater for the academic, sporting or cultural talents of our students.

Excellence Programs

  • Year 6 and 7 High Achievers Program: a 10 week program offering enrichment opportunities in one of 6 curriculum areas.
  • Year 7 Art + Design Excellence (Jumpstart)
  • Year 8 Art and Design Excellence (100 Futures)
  • Year 8 and 9 Academic Achievers Program: Offering a modified curriculum in the core subjects for academically talented students. Entry into the program via entrance exam and interview.
  • Qld Dance School of Excellence: Introductory program in Years 6 and 7 with Year 8 and 9 program embedded into curriculum (entry via audition).
  • Sporting Schools of Excellence: Soccer, Golf, Tennis (entry via nomination and trial)
  • Aviation: Year 11 and 12 only.
  • Engineering: Year 11 and 12 only
For more information about our excellence programs.

Year 6

Year 6 is an important transition between our junior and middle school campuses. Students and parents will find the Year 6 experience to be very similar to traditional primary school classrooms. The benefits our Year 6 students have is the access to secondary school resources and teachers for specialist subjects such as Art, Drama, Dance and ICT.

Year 7 and 8

Classrooms within the middle school have been purpose built to enable a team of two teachers to work across the core curriculum areas in adjacent classrooms with a computer pod located in between.
This teaching team works with each class for a significant part of each day. The teachers plan together and manage any arising issues as a team. This relationship enables the teaching team to get to know each student as an individual and to gain a better insight into their preferred learning styles.

Year 9

Our Year 9 students are still very much part of the middle school. Year 9 students still complete our core curriculum of Mathematics, English, Science and SoSE and are able to choose two elective subjects to complete their program of studies.
The Middle School at Kelvin Grove State College is characterised by:
  • Students interacting with fewer teachers
  • High use of technology
  • Teaching based on thinking skills and problem solving
  • Parent/community involvement
  • Students engaged in their learning through a relevant and authentic curriculum that promotes deep knowledge and depth of understanding
  • Celebration of student achievement and success
  • Valuing the richness of our culture from our many diverse backgrounds

We want students that can:
  • Look forwards – imagination is more important than knowledge
  • Look backwards – learn from the successes and failures of history
  • Look within – understand one’s self (aptitude and passion)

What are our Challenges?

  • How do we help students become literate in the 21st century?
  • What are the skills and knowledge students will need in order to be successful in 21st century society?
  • How do we evolve our teaching methods to deal with new and emerging technologies?


Ms Chrissie Coogan

Principal Middle School


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    Student Representative Council - Middle School

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