Mission and values

Kelvin Grove State College is a unique, committed and collaborative P-12 educational institution that seeks to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment. Our uniqueness is characterised by:
  • Intellectual rigour across core and elective disciplines
  • Multiple learning and career pathways
  • Schools of Excellence, accelerated learning pathways and extension courses
  • Quality partnerships with our community, industry groups and tertiary institutions
  • Cohesion and continuity across early, middle and senior phases of learning and development
  • A community enriched through multi-culturalism, and invigorated through diversity by valuing both local cultures and international students
  • Genuine working relationships within and ethos of generosity of spirit towards all.

Our Motto

"With All Thy Might"

Our Just Cause

"Nuturing globally competent learners, leaders and citizens"

Our Mission

"A Prep to Pathways learning community delivering wellness and excellence, guided by our College Values"


Our Values

The College values shape our unique culture of Trusting Relationships, allowing all members of Kelvin Grove State College to build a productive community where our central value of Happiness is valued. Kelvin Grove supports and encourages the values of...

Courage and resilience – Refuse to give in to doubt and fear

Draw on moral and physical courage in times of adversity. Realise that no matter what happens, you can cope with dignity and strength.

Creative and critical thinking - Engage in lifelong learning

See empowerment through problem solving, analysis and creativity. Enjoy the pursuit of excellence through learning.

Integrity and honesty - Think and act ethically

Do what you know to be right rather than what is easy or convenient. Be accountable for your own actions. Ensure consistency between what you say and what you do. Be honest.

Respect - Believe in the inherent worth of each person

Respect yourself and others and act with compassion. Show empathy by working to understand the viewpoint of others and how they are feeling.

Responsibility - Recognise the connections among personal, social and environmental wellbeing

Act responsibly, ethically and in a disciplined way to make the world a better place. Understand that our choices and actions affect the rights of others, including future generations.

Valuing Diversity - Recognise the common humanity of all peoples

Advocate for fairness and support the rights of others. Challenge injustice and promote understanding.

Strategic committees

Our vision and values are reflected in the strategic direction of the college through a number of strategic committees. These committees are an integration of both local and systemic priorities whereby their structure is reviewed in line with the Quadrennial School Review (QSR). These committees are comprised of staff, students and parents. They meet several times during each term and work towards identified goals from the action plans they have developed. Kelvin Grove State College is focused on developing new opportunities and a better learning framework that meets the needs and interests of individual students. Please contact the college if you would like any further information regarding these committees.

Based on the most recent review, Kelvin Grove State College has the following strategic committees operating:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information Technology
  • Thinking Skills
  • Sports Excellence
  • Academic Excellence
  • Arts Excellence
  • Transitions (P-12)
  • Sustainability [Active Citizenship Education]
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Workplace Health and Safety
Last reviewed 03 February 2021
Last updated 03 February 2021