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​In partnership with Queensland University of Technology Science and Engineering Faculty.

General information

Kelvin Grove State College (KGSC) in partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) offer senior students the opportunity to study Engineering Technology, whilst simultaneously enrolled at QUT to study ENB110 Engineering Statics and Materials. The students would begin this program Semester 1 of Year 11.

By the end of Semester 1 Year 12, students will have completed the QUT unit ENB110 Engineering Statics and Materials with a second unit being studied in semester 2. The assessment students do for QUT unit ENB110 Engineering Statics and Materials also forms part of the Engineering Technology assessment with students attending tutorials and laboratories at QUT. A successful result on this component of the course awards students two extra rank selection points that contribute towards their OP.

Course outline

In the Engineering Technology and QUT EGB113-Energy in Engineering Systems course students are required to attend four 70 minute sessions each wek at KGSC. Students will complete Engineering Technology over two years and the QUT course over the first three semesters, attending several 2 hour lectures, tutorials, laboratories and student instructed sessions at the QUT campus.

Course overview

Engineering Technology introduces students to principles and methodologies that contribute to the construction and manufacture of the built environment from microchips to bridges.


To be eligible for entry into the Year 11 and 12 Engineering Technology course, it is highly recommended that Year 10 students have successfully completed Year 10 Foundation Physics and Engineering Technology to a high achievement level.​

Why study Engineering Technology?

Engineering Technology is a course of study that provides an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the underlying concepts and principles of engineering in its broadest sense.

What do students learn?

Engineering Technology is an applied study requiring activities involving investigative and/or experimental techniques. The subject is taught as an integrated unit and structured so that students cover the following prescribed areas of study:

  • Semester 1: Materials, graphics, mechanics, statics, control systems

  • Semester 2: Mechanics, dynamics, components, materials, polymers

  • Semester 3: Bridges, technology, control systems, composites, ceramics

The subject matter is dealt with in the context of five technology areas. These areas are energy technology, manufacturing technology, communication technology, construction technology and transportation technology.

Please note: Students may only take up this subject at the beginning of the year, as the course is developmental.

Where might this subject lead?

Engineering Technology provides a sound foundation in the principles and underlying concepts necessary for further study and career opportunities such as:

  • Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Sound or Environmental Engineer

  • Architect, Landscape or Naval Architect

  • Construction Manager, Project Manager

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Industrial Designer

  • Computer Engineer and Games Designer

Bursary opportunities

Engineering Technology students who have successfully completed the ENB110 Engineering Statics and Materials course and have gained credit for both the subject at school and university are eligible to apply for the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship​ to QUT worth $25,000.

The top KGSC student is eligible to receive a $3,000 scholarship to continue their studies in Engineering at QUT (unless they have already been awarded a QUT Vice Chancellor's Scholarship).​


For further information please contact the Head of Department Senior School.

Phone: (07) 3552 7333

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Last reviewed 22 November 2018
Last updated 22 November 2018