Adam Davy
Head of Department



Middle school

  • English
  • English Extension
    (Years 7, 8 and 9)
  • Literature (from 2018)

Senior school

For students expecting to complete Year 12 studies in 2018 or 2019.

  • English
  • English Communication
  • English for ESL Learners (Years 11 and 12)
  • English Extension (Year 12)

Students expecting to complete Year 12 studies in 2020 or beyond.

  • English
  • Essential English
  • Literature (Years 11 and 12)
  • English as an Additional Language (Years 11 and 12)
  • English and Literature Extension (Year 12)

Special features and programs

English Extension program

Students in English Extension (Years 7 – 10) are expected to engage with complex cognitive demands and challenging text requirements. Students are introduced to a variety of advanced approaches to the study of subject English, which they will use to analyse, evaluate and create texts in a variety of genres and modes.

In Year 12, English Extension is a distinct QCAA-approved course designed to encourage students to apply contemporary literary theories to the study of texts.

This program must be studied concurrently with Senior English. From 2020, English and Literature Extension will replace the existing English Extension program.

Opportunities to pursue excellence

Students of English at Kelvin Grove State College are publicly recognised and celebrated in the fields of creative writing, public speaking and performance poetry. To support their development, students of English are offered opportunities to work with local and international writers, poets, publishers and performers.

English EXCELeration

English EXCELeration is a developmentally appropriate placement process for students who have demonstrated exceptional subject ability in English. Ultimately, the program seeks to offer high performing English students the opportunity to pursue their academic and creative goals through participation in an enriched and innovative acceleration program that focuses on excellence in English. 

The program offers:

  • content acceleration to match students’ abilities;
  • the opportunity to work with peers of similar ability;
  • thoughtfully planned co-curricular and extra-curricular enrichment;
  • the opportunity to work with academic and industry mentors; and
  • the opportunity to pursue academic and/or creative engagement with the creative industries.

Why ‘EXCELeration’?

English EXCELeration not only offers students curriculum acceleration, but ultimately the opportunity to direct their learning in the subject area. The unique dual-stream English EXCELeration program offers the ‘Productive Creative Stream’ and the ‘Academic Stream’ in order  to cater to the strengths and needs of two types of high performing students: the ‘productive creative’ learners who excel at divergent thinking, and the ‘academic’ learners who excel in more traditional academic pursuits

In other words, the EXCELeration program allows students to accelerate through the English subject requirements, and encourages them to excel in their preferred pathway.

Course entry

The EXCELeration program begins in the first semester of Year 10. Students are encouraged to apply for entry into the program during the Year 9 subject selection process.

Considerations of suitability for the program

The student most likely to be successful in the program:

  • performs above age peers in English;
  • enjoys a variety of methods of learning and challenges in English;
  • is self-directed, independent and motivated to learn;
  • has a strong interest in English-related activities; and
  • reads extensively in English.
Last reviewed 04 June 2019
Last updated 04 June 2019