Visual Arts


Allie Wright
Head of Department


Middle school

Visual Art 6–9

Specialist Art programs, including links to QUT. 

Middle School Art excellence programs now include, Year 7 Art + Design Excellence (Jumpstart), and year 8 Art and Design Excellence (100 Futures).

The Year 9 ART elective provides a springboard to more highly developed media approaches, Art concepts and history. We include an emphasis on Australian, Indigenous, Pacific Islander and Asian Arts.

Senior school

Visual Art 10–12 

Year 10 Foundation Art, and Senior OP Art program, offer strong, connected and flexible learning in contemporary Art with specialist studies in Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Installation and Digital Imaging. Our programs enjoy strong links with QUT Creative Industries Precinct, and our students work regularly with visiting artists and industry mentors. Students can access early start university studies through the Guest program at Queensland College of Art, and START at Queensland University of Technology.

Special features and programs 

Senior Art at Kelvin Grove has built a strong reputation for excellence in the wider community and is regularly represented in State Awards, including Creative Generations for Art and Design. Creative Generation Excellence Awards for Visual Art. Senior Art includes a School of Excellence in Art + Design that enjoys formal partnerships with the Faculty of Creative Industries and School of Design at QUT, and Griffith Univertity's College of Art. 

Creative Arts subject 

In the school-based Creative Arts subjects or “SAS”, we offer a number of programs dedicated to authentic and connected Arts learning. All programs offer a foundation year in Year 10 to prepare students for the technique, materials and concepts of their senior pathways in Year 11 ans 12

DESIGN (Visual Art Studies) Visual Arts in practice 

Kelvin Grove State College is leading the development of design-based learning in Queensland. Our Design program “Designing Futures” is framed by the big challenges facing local and global communities. Students learn collaborative thinking skills, prototyping and visual communication. Students work regularly with visiting designers and design mentors and the program is connected to our own award winning urban design program, Living City. Students work on design problems in the form of a client brief and brainstorm, ideate and implement their solutions in a practical environment.

Media Arts in practice

Media, comprising film, video and animation, offers lab-based immersion learning in the craft of these dominant 21st century art-forms. We are using our close connections with QUT Creative Industries to provide a platform for extension learning and to showcase student work. All students have the opportunity to access film awards, events and workshops through this program. Working with community and industry partners in an essential component of this course and all student work is made available for public display.

Arts in practice 

Arts in Practice is a multi arts program and is dedicated to the proposition that students must become skilful and informed users and makers in emerging technologies, and diverse arts paractices, not simply consumers. This program aims to equip students to harness the power of rapidly evolving online, multimedia and digital technologies. The course stresses hands-on multimedia lab sessions and contemporary art practices, with foundations in darkroom photography, basic software and opportunities for creative extension. Arts in Practice students are involved in community art projects each year where their work is on public display. Students can select this program from Year 10 to 12.


Fashion is a major global business and creative field. Our course introduces students to the creative possibilities of work in the fashion and textiles industries. We want our students to build a strong foundation in skills and knowledge, and then have the freedom to develop a creative practice framed by zero-waste and sustainability.

This program also introduces students to foundation design principles, focusing on design thinking processes and design elements.  Fashion is linked to extensive partnership, residency and mentor programs with QUT Fashion and the Fashion Industry.  All students have the opportunity to display their work at the premiere Fashion event “iWear”, held in October each year at The Block, QUT.

Last reviewed 04 June 2019
Last updated 04 June 2019