Homestay testimonial


The O’Connor family

Why did you choose to become a homestay provider for Kelvin Grove SC?

I originally chose KG for ease of access from my home to KG however I have continued to work with KG due to the amazing support staff.

What has been the best part of hosting international students? Any highlights? 

Making lifelong friends who are now part of our family. The highlight for me issimply discovering who the student is, what they want to do in life and trying to help them on their journey. I love to see them happy and enjoying the Aussie lifestyle.

What do you feel you and/or your family have gained out of this experience?

An understanding of cultural differences. We have found many weird and unusual differences between countries that have given us great enjoyment in discovering why they exist and what they are. Lots of laughter to be had!

How would you describe the support you receive from Kelvin Grove SC?

The support given by KG is outstanding. I have worked with 3 other school and KG stands above the rest. Staff are always available to support and encourage us as homestay hosts as well as make the students feel comfortable with the school. I have needed assistance at times due to some issues but the staff has been amazing and gone out of their way to assist me.

KG staff has meetings with homestay hosts as a group each term that are very informative and it’s a great way to meet other hosts.

Would you recommend hosting international students to other families? Why?

Absolutely, I have loved every minute of being a homestay, even the difficult situations. They have made our family stronger and much more open to meeting people of all different nationalities and culture 

Please describe some of the initial challenges you overcame in hosting  an international student (e.g. Food, culture shock, home sickness etc.)

The biggest challenge I find initially is the student being home sick and then the culmination of change in environment, no friends, no family, different food, and different houses. So much at once!

I give them a couple  of days to settle in and then get them involved in all family activities, dinners, BBQ, outings so that they get an understanding of what life will be like for them in our home and in Australia.

Other comments

I can't recommend KG for homestay enough. The support staff is amazing and the school is of a very high standard and has lots of assistance available to the students during transition

Last reviewed 29 November 2018
Last updated 29 November 2018