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​Kelvin Grove State College is part of a unique educational precinct. It is only three kilometres from Brisbane City’s central business district. Our college seeks to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment for all. Our focus is on excellence in all areas of education. This is articulated and promoted through expectations of a strong work ethic, pride in, and recognition of, socially just practices including valuing social diversity, and civic participation. 

Kelvin Grove State College is a P-12 school with three sub-schools: Junior, Middle and Senior.

Junior School Prep-Year 5

With a firm focus on the acquisition and consolidation of literacy and numeracy skills, the Junior School provides students with a solid start to their formal schooling. Best practice Prep classrooms, in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), ensure that our students’ first year at Kelvin Grove State College will ready them for future learning.

For more documents and information see the Junior Curriculum pages.

Middle School Years 6-9

Kelvin Grove State College Middle School has been developed in response to the specific needs of young adolescents. Early adolescence is a distinct period in a child’s life often characterised by rapid physical growth, exposure to a range of social pressures and changes in intellectual, emotional and moral development. We are committed to implementing programs, policies and practices to foster adolescents’ development and learning in a supportive and positive manner and also believe that the key to a successful middle schooling experience lies in the strength of the partnership between the teacher, the student and home. We encourage all parents and carers to actively participate and be involved in their child’s education through the middle school years.

For more documents and information see the Middle School Curriculum pages.

Senior School Years 10-12

In the Senior School we promote the concept of excellence in teaching and learning. Students are provided with opportunities to excel within academic, excellence and vocational areas. We focus on collaboratively working to improve student engagement and to optimise student potential, allowing a focus on the importance of life-long learning

The College is convenient to public transport, adjoins the Kelvin Grove campus of the QUT, and is close to all the conveniences of the city. It is also adjacent to Kelvin Grove Urban Village.

At Kelvin Grove State College we provide:

  • the only state Prep Program providing “best practice” demonstration sessions which uses virtual and physical observation booth experiences for QUT pre-service teachers and visiting academics

  • a Year 6 and 7 High Achiever Program for high achieving students in English, Maths, Science, Art, Music, Business and Technology

  • a Year 8 and 9 Academic Achiever Program for students with high ability in Literacy and Numeracy

  • access to the largest Art Department in the state which allows students to study Visual Arts and Media Studies. Art students of Kelvin Grove State College have achieved numerous art awards and won many art competitions

  • an extremely strong Music program, including a strong Instrumental Program which offers a range of highly successful ensembles and encourages students to participate in choir

  • a broad curriculum base with a choice of over fifty subjects in the Senior School which is complemented by special Excellence Programs and Extension Subjects

For more documents and information see the Senior Curriculum pages.

Last reviewed 11 February 2022
Last updated 11 February 2022