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Why have an a​lumni?

The Alumni will act as an overarching body to promote and facilitate connections amongst former students of the College and its predecessor schools, especially within their year groups.

What exactly is the College and what are the predecessor schools?

The College is Kelvin Grove State College and it now controls all schooling levels from Prep through to Year 12. The predecessor schools cover the following: KG State High (our connection), KG Primary, KG Infants, KG Boys, KG Girls & Infants as well as North Brisbane Intermediate. The first school dates right back to 1875.

Can we hold our own event for our class?

Yes, each year group is free to organize gatherings and reunions with support from the Alumni.

What else will the alumni do?

It will facilitate a connection between these former students and the College community in the present time. The Alumni will also maintain an interest in the welfare of the College and its students.  It may well be that the Alumni awards Scholarships on a needs basis and undertakes restoration projects to preserve the history of the KG educational institutions.

What about the history side of things?

The Alumni is to work in partnership with the College to preserve the history of the College and its predecessor schools. We will have our own website where former students can look at a photo gallery of days gone by.  In addition they will be able to delve into copies of magazines, Concert Programmes, Speech Night Programmes, awards, honour boards, building plans and much, much more.

What costs are involved in operating the Alumni?

The main costs will be ongoing compliance fees, website establishment and hosting, public liability insurance cover for at least $10M.

How will the alumni be funded?

We will be asking former students to take out membership as follows: Life Member-$200; Ten years-$100 or Annual-Membership for $20.

What will I get in return for becoming a member of the alumni?

You will get information about Alumni events and projects as well as news from the College about their significant events. More importantly, your membership fees will support the Alumni so it can carry out its objectives.  You will be making a significant contribution to the welfare of the College and help preserve its history.

If you have a question, email Linda Potter, Alumni Secretary,

Privacy Statement

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Last reviewed 12 July 2021
Last updated 12 July 2021