QParents, Daymap and​ Seesaw​

QParents and Daymap are two separate opt-in platforms the College utilises to enable families a greater access to information relating to their child. Each platform offers a selection of features relevant to each sub school 

SUB SCHOOL Attendance Finance Reporting Timetable Class Notes Assessment Calendar

Junior School

Prep - Year 5

QParentsQParentsQParents Not applicable Seesaw Not applicable

Middle School

Year 6 - 9



& Daymap


Senior School

Year 10 - 12



& Daymap



  • Attendance – Records of your child's attendance
  • Finance – Online and in-app payment options for your child
  • Reporting – Access to your child's academic reports
  • Timetable – Daily schedule of classes for Middle and Senior School students
  • Class notes – Homework notes for classes where this feature is used
  • Assessment Calendar – Overview of dates of assessment specific to each Middle and Senior School student.

1. QParents – Prep to Year 12

QParents is an Education Queensland (EQ) parent portal, which provides parents access to information concerning their child, and access to online / in-app payments of invoices. The features enabled are specific to KGSC sub schools and may differ from what is offered at other EQ schools.


Registration information is emailed to the first listed parent / carer for Middle and Senior students, and all listed parents / carers for Junior School students during the first week of your child's attendance (please check your junk mail in case it has been sent there).

Please email a request to if you need registration information to be resent, and be aware that:

  • The registration process requires parent/s and carer/s to either:
    • Complete an online identity check (preferred method)
    • Register online, and then complete identity check at school (more information in 'troubleshooting' below)
  • Families already registered with QParents do not need to re-register.
  • While students maintain their enrolment in an Education Queensland school, their associated QParents portal should remain active and accessible. 


  • Adding additional parents and carers – QParents invitations are automatically generated, and sent to the first listed parent/carer. Additional parents/carers who are already listed as authorised OneSchool contacts can be sent a separate QParents (and subsequent Daymap) invitation upon request by email to
  • Not enough ID to complete ID verification online – Parents / carers with less than the required points in the ID section for QParents need to enter an online application with any documents they do have to start the process. After this, the parent/carer needs to come to the Junior School Office, or Middle / Senior School Student Services to present the remainder of their ID. Please keep in mind that parents / carers in this situation must have finished the registration process before coming to school. This online registration process includes linking your account to the student using the student's EQ ID. To locate your child's student ID, look at student timetables, student cards, accounts from the sub shop or academic reports.
  • Password - If you need your password reset, access the log on page and click "Forgotten your password?" Or phone QParents on 137 468.
  • Updating your details – The school is unable to update parent email, mobile phone number or reset QParents passwords. You can access the area to update your email address, mobile phone number, or QParents password by clicking on your name at the top right of the QParents screen, next to the LOGOUT button. Please note that these personal details are only used for your QParents account. Changing these details will not update your email or mobile phone details in the school system. 


2. Daymap – Year 7 to 12

Daymap is a portal for use by staff, students and parents. It acts as:

  • An online medium for communication specific to classes between teachers, parents / carers, and students
  • An online space where KGSC staff mark rolls
  • An online hub where your child's teachers ae able to use the virtual space, or provide links to help manage their classes
  • A place to view your child's current timetable
  • A place to view your child's attendance
  • A place to access an overview of assessment dates

    Link to Daymap:


Parents and carers of Year 7 to 12 students wishing to gain access to Daymap need to first register with QParents (above).

Shortly after registration is completed with QParents, parents / carers will be sent an email from Daymap with a link to create a password (please check your junk mail). Please do not cut and paste codes and passwords when signing into Daymap.

Email if you are having trouble accessing Daymap.

Once registered, log into Daymap

Troubleshooting Daymap registration

  • Password – Daymap passwords need to be typed, and not cut and pasted.
  • Adding parents and carers – QParents invitations are automatically generated, and sent to the first listed parent/carer. Additional parents/carers who are already listed as authorised OneSchool contacts can be sent a separate QParents (and subsequent Daymap) invitation upon request through
  • Parents and carers with the same email address – Parents and carers with the same email address recorded in OneSchool (school records) will not be able to access Daymap. If you wish to update an email address with the school, please send an email to with 'parent email address change – (student's name and year level)' in the heading, and include in the text the name of the person who wishes their details to be changed, and the new email address. 

Useful links

3.Seesaw – Prep to Year 5

Teachers will send through a sign on code and link for parents to access their child's account.

Last reviewed 29 August 2022
Last updated 29 August 2022