Sporting department

Kelvin Grove State College offers students the opportunity to be involved in a huge range of sports to complement their academic learning.   These options are wide and varied and include everything from Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming, to European Handball, Volleyball, Netball and Gridiron as well as all that are in between.  Sport at KGSC has a long and rich history, dating back to 1963, when the very first inter-house championship was recorded.  Since then, school spirit and representation has only grown bigger and bigger.  Students can now participate in a range of competition structures and formats including Intra-School, Inter-School, District, Regional, State and even National level.


The KGSC sporting department aims to encourage an ethos of pride within students when representing their school.  Students with strong competitive spirit work alongside those that just like to give everything a go.  All of these students have one thing in common; the desire to perform at their best for Kelvin Grove.  Involvement can (and does) come from all walks of life in the college. Representatives come from far and wide and include, but are not limited to, students from all faculties.  Our Excellence squads in Soccer, Tennis and Golf and Volleyball are also expected to compete at least at district level for the school.

Mascot and Houses

All students within the college are connected to one of our four college houses. These houses are used for major sporting carnivals including Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Along with our carnivals, students taking part in multiple inter-house competitions throughout the year for different events across the calendar. Each house has been assigned with an indigenous animal local to the Kelvin grove Area:

  • Lutwyche – Juwehrr (Purple)
  • Bowen – Baway (Blue)
  • Herbert – Gabul (Red)
  • Petrie – Mirri (Orange)

School Sporting Events

The following intra-school (college level) sporting events are held at various times throughout the year:

  • The Yr 7-12 Swimming Carnival, traditionally held in the third week of Term 1
  • The Yr 5-6 Swimming Carnival, traditionally held in the second week of Term 1
  • The Yr 6-12 Cross Country, traditionally held in the first week of Term 2
  • The Yr 6-12 Athletics Carnival, traditionally held in the last week of Term 2
  • Various inter-house sporting competitions including volleyball, basketball, ultimate disc, soccer among many others

District Sporting Events


As Kelvin Grove is a Prep to 12 school, we are members of two different sporting districts.

City District caters for years 4-6, and North West Secondary District caters for years 7-12.

Each District provides access to representative sporting pathways, such as Metropolitan North School Sport and Queensland School Sport. These pathways are accessed through district trials, where the college nominates interested students to attend. More information on these trials and processes can be found at


The following district level sporting events are held at various times throughout the year:

  • The North West District Yr 7-12 Swimming Carnival, and City District Yr 4-6 Swimming Carnival, traditionally held in week 4 of Term 1
  • The North West District Yr 7-12 Cross Country, and City District 4-6 Cross Country, traditionally held in week 3 of Term 2
  • The North West District Yr 7-12 Athletics Carnival, and City District Yr 4-6 Athletics Carnival, traditionally held in week 5 of Term 3
  • Yr 7 & 8 Wednesday Interschool Sport, held across terms 1,2 and 3
  • Year 4-6 Sporting Gala Days, 3 times per semester

Representative Pathways


Kelvin Grove State College is part of Metropolitan North Region, and students who achieve highly at the North West and City District carnivals and events, receive the opportunity to represent Met North at State Championships in a wide range of sport. This pathway also provides students with the opportunity to represent Queensland and even Australia.


Extra-Curricular Sport


As well as included within middle school HPE curriculum, the school has traditional entered both male and female teams into the Junior (Year 7-9) and Senior (10-12) AFL Queensland Schools Cup competitions running throughout semester 1.


The college runs a basketball club, which currently have one skills session during an afternoon, and a fitness session one morning a week. This club is open to all students within the college would wish to improve their skills within basketball, or try a new sport. Every year the college enters teams into the Champion Basketball School Queensland competition.

Rugby Union

The Rugby club reformed in 2018, with trainings taking place across 1 morning and 1 afternoon a week. This club is open to all students from year 7 – 12, male and female, with a focus on Rugby Union and more particular, Rugby 7s. The college has entered multiple teams into competitions such as Student Horizon All Schools Rugby 7s and South East Qld Rugby 7s, with both our girls and boys teams achieving success.

College clubs

Apart from our major extra-curricular sports, the college offers particular sporting clubs run by organized coaches or teachers for students be to apart of. Providing the opportunity for students to feel connected to the college, whilst also promoting positive outlook on health and physical activity. Some of the clubs include:


Run Club - Operating Term 1 and 2, focusing on long distance running. Provides students with an opportunity to prepare for college cross country and Athletics carnivals, or just improving general fitness.

Weights Club - Open to students from years 10-12. Students complete a competency test to gain access to college gym during lunchtimes.

Athletics Training - Throughout semester 1, providing quality coaching for students to improve both track and field events for Athletics leading into college inter-house Athletics Carnival.





Sports Coordinator

Lachlan Dignan

Phone: 07 3552 7362

Last reviewed 06 February 2023
Last updated 06 February 2023