Senior Art


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Students experiencing ​schooling right now will be entering a world subject to extreme change. In this world, creativity, innovation and thinking outside the square will be key survival tools. Kelvin Grove State College wants to equip creative students with new ways of looking at and thinking about the world. That is why we are developing curriculum focused on the future, using the best models in art and design education. The visual arts and design are key disciplines that will shape our responses to future challenges.

For this reason, the Art and Design Excellence program is a natural choice for Kelvin Grove State College, and a good fit for students aspiring to work and study in creative fields. Together with our partners in the Creative Industries Faculty and School of Design at QUT, and Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, we have forged a program that offers senior studies and university units in these twin disciplines.

Each year we will continue steps towards creating flexible, connected, coherent and rigorous learning programs for creative students over the course of their senior studies at KGSC. Students entering the program in year 11 will access specialist studies in Art and Design at Kelvin Grove State College and at their chosen university.

Why Art and Design?

Our formal partners in Art+Design Excellence are QUT Creative Industries, QUT School of Design and Griffith QCA. These fields are closely related and building confidence and knowledge in both is the best way to meet the future demand for independent and innovative thinking. As well as being among the highest achieving Visual Art Faculties State-wide, Kelvin Grove State College is recognized as a leader in the development of design-based learning at secondary level, and this excellence program has grown out of our past experience and current partnerships.

Students study a combined program of Visual Art, Art and Design Excellence (Visual Arts in Practice) and university subjects to reach both breadth and depth in their art practice and design thinking.

University connections

This program is offered through our connections with QUT and QCA, allowing Art+Design Excellence students to study both at KGSC and off campus at QUT Kelvin Grove or Gardens Point, or QCA Griffith University South Bank. The program offers up to 24 credit points towards an undergraduate degree in Design, Visual Arts or Creative Industries, and attracts bonus points towards student QTAC Rank, as well as additional QCE points for each subject at a pass or higher.

Program details

  • Duration: Year 11 and Year 12, 3 lessons per week
  • Subject requirements: Students must select both Visual Art and ADE and remain ATAR eligible
  • Costs: $350 per semester subject levy
  • Application deadline: August 1 each year
  • Application requirements: Application form and interview (at which time a folio will be viewed)  Program is for current KGSC students only
  • Pathways: University entrance, folio preparation, industry connections


Applications for Senior ADE are due each year by August 1. All applicants must submit an application form and indicate their Year 10 academic records. Students should be achieving at least a B in English and an average of a B in their remaining subjects. This is a university entry requirement. They must also remain ATAR eligible for the duration of the program. Students should then forward their completed ADE application form to the co-ordinator and will be contacted to advise of interview times and folio requirements. We regret we cannot accept original artworks through the post as these cannot be returned.​

Last reviewed 04 July 2022
Last updated 04 July 2022