Queensland Tennis School of Excellence


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Queensland Tennis School of Excellence at Kelvin Grove State College was established in 1984. It was the first program of its type in Australia and has been developed with the support of Tennis Australia.

The excellence program is designed for students in Years 7–12 and is undertaken as one of the subjects students study whilst completing their Middle and Senior Schooling. A junior program for students in Years 4–6 is also offered as a pathway into the Tennis Excellence Program.

The quality of the program is carried out by professional coaching staff. The program provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in tennis and other related areas which gives a variety of career paths upon completing school.

Kelvin Grove State College (KGSC) has a rich history of sporting excellence, dating back to the inception of the Queensland Golf School of Excellence, developed in Partnership with Golf Queensland in 1986. Since then, the College has expanded the programs to include the Queensland Tennis School of Excellence, the Football School of Excellence, and most recently in 2016 the Volleyball School of Excellence.

Our sports excellence programs provide students with the opportunity to combine the study of their chosen sport at a high level, with their academic studies. Our programs are among the top sports programs in the country, in terms of currency, program components, success and student achievement.

Students are accepted into our programs through an application and trial process, and involvement in the programs will attract an additional cost. Program Coordinators can be contacted for details on the most up to date fee structure.​​

Applications for positions in Year 7 2023 Sporting Excellence programs close July 29 2022. ​Trials are by invitation only. ​

Entry requiremen​ts

  • acceptable playing standard
  • excellent levels of effort and behaviour consistently demonstrated in school reports
  • ability to work with others in pursuit of tennis excellence
  • demonstrate a desire to complete schooling
  • willingness to promote tennis
  • compete in all available school competitions during the year
  • proven tennis ability through a trial process.​​

Program aim​​

  • To provide students who have a particular talent or focus on sport, the opportunity to study their sport and learn the facets of elite athlete development.

  • To provide students with the tools to be successful at any level, from lifelong learner to elite athlete.

Each of our programs have a comprehensive range of components to facilitate the development of the complete athlete. To ensure the currency and professionalism of each aspect of athletic development, we engage with a range of external providers to assist in the delivery of our program.​

Program components​​

  • Skills development
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Physiotherapy: screenings and triage
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sports psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Athlete management
  • Team building and leadership
  • Certificate III in fitness​​​
Last reviewed 04 July 2022
Last updated 04 July 2022