eLearning (Digital Technologies\ICT curriculum)


Sue Isbell (prev. Bollerman)
Head of Department


 NOTE: All subjects are 3 x 70 min lessons per week unless indicated otherwise.

Middle school

See also further information in the Curriculum Guides on the Middle School section of the College website
  • Year 6 Digital Technologies (35 min per fortnight)^
  • Year 7 Digital Technologies (70 min per week for semester 2 only)
  • Year 8 Digital Technologies (3 x 70 min lesson per week for 1 semester only)^
  •  Year 9 Digital Technologies


Senior school

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Faculty and Subject Overview - importance of Digital Solutions/ICT subjects in a changing world, and an overview of the subjects, programs and partnerships to support future pathways.

Please click on each heading below to view a video which provides more information.

Digital Solutions - General

 (academic pathway) 

  • Year 10 Foundation Digital Solutions
  • Year 11 and 12 Digital Solutions

Information and Communication and Technologies - Applied

  (vocational pathway) 

  • Year 10 Foundation Information and Communications Technology
  • Year 11 and 12 Information and Communications Technology
  • Year 10 Foundation Screen and Media
  • Year 11 and 12 Certificates in Creative Industries/Screen and Media
  • Year 10 Foundation Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • Year 11 and 12 Certificates in Information, Digital Media and Technology

* composite Year 10-12 class
^training packages are currently underdoing redevelopment - information will be provided once it is available

See also further information in the Senior Curriculum Guide on the Senior School section of the College website, and the Vocational Education and Training information.

Partnerships and Other Programs

Australian Computer Society (ACS) Queensland Partnership

The KGSC partnership with the ACS Qld Branch enables staff and students to connect into the largest network of ICT professionals in Australia with unique insights into exciting ICT developments, innovation, tech start ups and entrepreneurship, as well as supporting students in their future pathways. As part of their ACS membership, students and staff can access industry publications, professional development and networking events free of charge, and access River City Labs which is owned by the ACS. Student members can also access the MySFIA online self-assessment tool to detrmine their skills profile and map their career pathway, as well as accessing online digital courses and learning materials, all accessible through the member portal when logging in at

See also the Student toolkit on the ACS Foundation website

  • ICT Career Map / Wheel: great way to explore the various job roles in Information Technology and the educational pathways to get there.
  • IT Career Videos (You Tube Channel) - inspirational clips covering the exciting aspects of a technology career


Gateway to Industry Schools Programs

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - new 2020 

For further information see

See also Career Pathways and Information for Students, including the ICT Careers Wheel for Students at


Advanced Manufacturing
Previously the Manufacturing and Engineering GISP, the 2020 Advanced Manufacturing GISP has transitioned to focus on the technologies being adopted by the advanced manufacturing sector which the Queensland government as committed to grow as a cirtical driver of innovation and productivity in the economy. Information can be found at and at

Further information about how digital technologies links to this pathway can be found in the careers tool at In particular, refer to page 5 for advanced manufacturing roles involving the design and implementation of new digital solutions.
See also a GISP promotional video featuring KG staff and students at
Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA)
The HOD eLearning is the key teacher for the QMEA, which has a strong focus on digital technologies and other STEM areas. For further information, see
See also the Oresome Futures resource at, and the booklet at (especially page 3 which identifies programmers, data scientists/analysts and coders as new skills needed for this sector witht he rise of automation).
Screen and Media - new 2020
This new GISP is a partnership between Essential Screen Skills and the Queensland government. The project provides opportunities for students and teachers to participate in valuable experiences, boraden knowledge and attend industry-led events. It promotes the understanding of the screen and media industry and provides key information about pathways to further education, training and employment in this sector.
BOP Industries-Fishburners Partnership Program

Scott Miller from BOP Industries, one of Queensland's top young entrepreneurs is collaborating with Fishburners through his new Young Entrepreneurs Hub.

 The program is primarily aimed at Year 10 students, but Year 9, 11 or 12 students who are interested may also apply through an expression of interest (see further details below).

More information can be found at

Students accepted into this program generally attend the Young Entrepreneurs Hub at Fishburners in the Queen Street Mall one day per week, but this is open to negotiation. There will also be opportunities for students to engage with the program during school holidays, and after school, depending on student availability.

Students can submit an expression of interest in this program by emailing with responses to the following questions:

  • Do you have a business idea? 
  • If you do have a business idea, what is it and what problem is it solving?
  • What interested you about the Young Entrepreneur Hub Program?
  • What's your biggest strength when it comes to running a business?
  • What skills would you like to develop throughout the program?

Providing this information will enable a more tailored program to be developed for each student. Students may also wish to consider partnering with 1-2 other students and submitting a group expression of interest.

Industry Engagement

Opportunities are provided for students to engage with industry to meet their individual needs, including mentoring, work experience and structured work placement (VET courses). Where applicable, College partners such as GrandShake  are used.


Through the new GISP ICT, students will have increased opportunities to engage with industry in a variety of ways. More information will be provided once it is available.

KGSC Way Beyond Today
eLearning staff and students actively participate in the KGSC Way Beyond Today program each year, including the annual Expo. There is a focus on preparing students for their future pathways, and building their "future abilities" to become "future fit"
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Last updated 19 January 2021