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Internet browser

BYOx Link (Microsoft InTune)

Students must know their username and password before attempting to onboard their BYOx laptop

Students can access information and "how to" guides on the Student Sharepoint site, on the BYOx support page​ (school username and password required to access)

It is recommended that students first attempt to connect their BYOx laptops at home, as updates may be required to be dowloaded and installed on the laptop which can take a long period of time.

Microsoft 365 

All Queensland state school students from Prep–Year 12 can download multiple free copies of the Microsoft 365  Suite to their personal home and mobile computer.

Students will need to use their school username, email address ​and password - see Email and other useful information for further information.

Year 6-12 students need to install Microsoft Office desktop applications on their BYOx laptop.

​See the Microsoft 365 software link in the menu on the left of the Student SharePoint home page

Students must uninstall this software from all of their devices once they are no longer enrolled in a Queensland state school.

Security Software

Security software suite with anti-virus and anti-malware is required to be installed on student laptops.


  • Cyber security experts recommend that free security software, including anti-virus software not be used; paid security software is regularly updated to address new threats
  • Security software may impact on the ability to connect student BYOx laptops to the state-wide Department of Education wireless network. Students need to be able to turn off security software if required (i.e. need local administrator permissions), else parents\carers (with username and passwords) will need to come with the student to the Student Tech Hub in the Middle Senior Library to connect the laptop (8 am recommended). 
  • Microsoft Family and Qustodio (MacOS) do not allow students to connect their BYOx laptops and should not be installed.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The College participates in the Department of Education's Adobe enterprise agreement, and Year 6-12 students and P-12 staff allocated a "named user licence", funded by the College (subject to annual funding arrangements).

See the Adobe Creative Cloud menu item on the left of the Student Sharepoint home page (note school username and password is required) ​for user information, including:

  • overview of Adobe Creative Cloud software available through user licence​
  • "how to" guide
    • access and download Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application
    • install, update and open individual Adobe Creative Cloud desktop appications e.g. Adobe Photoshop
    • access learning tutorials
  • common issues and how to resolve these

New Year 6​-12 students requiring an Adobe Creative Cloud licence can:

  • go to the Student Tech Hub in the Middle Senior Library and request a licence OR
  • request their class teacher log a job requesting the student be allocated a named user licence (email address required)*.

Year 6-12 students experiencing issues with Adobe Creative Cloud software can get assistance from the Student Tech Hub*.

*Note that Week 1 and 2 in Term 1, the Student Tech Hub focus is on BYOx laptop connectivity.


ReadCloud is the "etext" (digital textbook) system used in the College. 

Students experiencing issues with accessing ReadCloud or individual subject teachers must speak to their classroom teachers to get details of etexts required, and how to access these (not the Student Tech Hub). Subject teachers then can request assistance from their Head of Department and the College Business Services Manager.

Wheelers ePlatform (eBooks)

Students can download and install the app to read eBooks using Wheelers ePlatform. For more information students can see

Need Assistance?

 Please contact the Head of Department, eLearning on (07) 3552 7348 or email

Middle Senior students can also see Ms Isbell in the Middle Senior Library outside of class time.

Last reviewed 29 January 2023
Last updated 29 January 2023