Bring Your Own Device (BYOx) Program


​​Why BYOx at KGSC?

In the pursuit of excellence with all our might, the College Bring Your Own Device (BYOx) Program aims to enhance the curriculum program to improve student learning outcomes​ through increased access to digital tools, learning resources and pedagogy. Individualised learning and differentiation for students, and opportunities for students to further develop into responsible digital citizens with high level digital skills will also be enhanced.

Program information, tools and forms

In 2022, Years 6 to 12 students will be part of the BYOx Program.

The following are links to information relevant to this program:

If purchasing a new laptop, the following tools may also assist parents\caregivers when deciding which laptop to purchase:

Connectivity of BYOx Laptops

In 2022, onboarding of new student BYOx laptops to the College wireless network and/or connection to associated services (e.g. printing, access to student and common network drives) is again through the Department of Education provided technical solution, BYOx Link ((Microsoft InTune). Further information is generally emailed to parents/carers and students late in Term 4 and again prior to the start of Term 1.

Information on timelines and procedures for connecting BYOx laptops is also provided to students through class teachers and student daily notices as part of start of year procedures for each sub-school.

Students require their username and password in order to onboard their BYOx laptop to the College wireless network. See Email and other useful links for more information.​

  • For existing students, passwords may be reset prior to the commencement of the new school year.  
  • Information about usernames and passwords will generally be communicated to parents/carers by email prior to the commencement of the new school year.
  • New students enrolling after this time will be able to get their username and passwords through their class teachers, or at the Middle Senior Library. Note that it can take a minimum of 2 days from a student's official start date for a network account to be generated, and longer in peak times.

For more specific information, refer to the BYOx Program Information Booklet using the link above.

From Week 2 Term 1, students still experiencing difficulties can get assistance at the Student Tech Hub in the Middle Senior Library before school from 8 am, during breaks, and after school until 3.30 pm. During Week 1 and 2 only, students may go to the Student Tech Hub during class time with a permission note from their teacher.

From Week 3 Term 1, any ongoing issues connecting laptops should be escalated to the HOD eLearning in person at the Middle Senior Library or by emailing details to

College BYOx Equity Program

A limited number of College owned laptops are available in the College BYOx Equity Program for families who are not able to provide a BYOx laptop for their Year 7-12 student due to financial hardship.

Students who have chosen to enrol in the optional Academic Achievers or Music Excellence programs are not eligible for the Equity Program.

Application for consideration for this program is through Sub-School Principal, and further information may be required to be provided on request.

Daily arrangements for borrowing Equity Program laptops are as per the Daily Borrowing program below. Students can access the daily borrowing program if waiting for an Equity laptop application or for an Equity laptop to be set up.


Daily Borrowing Program

Students will be advised through daily notices and by email when the daily program commences, which is usually from Tuesday Week 1 in Term 1.

A limited number of College owned laptops are available on a "first in" basis for Year 6-12 students to borrow each day if they have an issue with their own BYOx laptop or while the student's BYOx laptop is being repaired or replaced. There is no charge for this program.

Year 6​-12 students needing to borrow a "daily borrowing" laptop can do so from the Student Laptop Hub at the front of the Middle Senior Library (turn right after entering) at the following times:

  • 8 am to 9 am
  • the first 10 minutes of each lesson (with teacher permission note only)
  • during morning tea and lunch breaks

These laptops must not be taken home, and must be returned after the end of the student's final lesson each day.

Need more assistance?

If you have any questions, require further information, or wish to escalate an issue in relation to the BYOx Program, please email or telephone the Head of Department, eLearning on (07) 3552 7333.

Last reviewed 02 February 2022
Last updated 02 February 2022